[ write ]

Our best work always starts with a blank page. It's from here that we develop your ideas from concept to script to storyboard.

[ shoot ]

On location or in the studio, we craft the images that tell your story. High definition video, subtle camera movement and timelapse photography is all included.

[ edit ]

Put a frame around your image to create an artwork. Music, voice, graphics and effects are all part of the editor's palette.

[ share ]

Once the film is complete we can help you publish it on any screen, anywhere. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo are freeways to your audience.

[ results ]

Video is the best way to engage your audience, sell your product, make your case or entertain the public. Cut through the clutter and let your voice be heard.

[ quality ]

And we do it all with loving care. Through the lens and straight to the heart...

Our audience loves where we take them.

  • “The videos were SO successful! Thanks again for being such a generous and creative collaborator!”

    Kathy Blume, Vermontivate
  • “The video accolades continue. Thanks so much Jay.”

    Amy Kelsey, Catamount Trail Association
  • “The feedback has been extremely positive. Grey Havens is a little off the beaten path but seeing IS believing.”

    Dick Roesler, Grey Havens Inn
  • “Jay brings film to another level in the way he uses it to express an artist’s life and work. Bravo!”

    Pam Druhen, Thread Artist
  • “The video is excellent. You seem to have the heart of what we are all about.”

    Julie Lane, Snow Farm Vineyard